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The Unique Ultimate High Success Low Impact hunts for elk, mule deer and antelope.
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Are you looking for a Low Impact Bull Elk Hunt, Low Impact Cow Elk Hunt and a Western Mule deer hunt you have come to the right place? This is as unique as you get to be able to shoot elk while you are warm, dry and not in the middle of walking 10 miles, all up hill. This is the hunt you dreamed of. For father and son hunts, or sons and father husband and wife. Also for the long range shooter here is an opportunity to set up and sniped shoot elk at longer than normal ranges if you like.
Think of being in a cabin in an elk migration corridor with the elk coming to you. The ground around you is loaded with local and migrating deer from the high country. Remember you are in the low ground only 6000 feet in altitude which for the west that is low altitude. Add to this your cabin has an additional second story where you have 360 degrees of windows, and they slide open for your shooting pleasure, with a view 2 miles in every direction so you can see them coming a long way out and get ready for the shot. Have you ever shot an elk in your pajama’s, I mean have you ever shot an elk while you are still wearing your pajamas?
Additionally don't forget our $ 200 to book a hunt for next year program. If you want to take a hunt but the outfitter is booked up this year or you can't slide a hunt that is a good buy into the years fall schedule you can lock the discounted price in with the $ 200 security deposit so you discounted price is guaranteed for the next year hunting season. The balance of the 50% deposit is not due until January 1st of the year you will be hunting. Of course the $ 200 is put toward your 50% deposit amount, not lost and not a service fee of any kind.

Your cabin has propane heat so you never have to;” throw another log on the fire.” Don’t have to get up at, “OH 30 am“ in the cold and dark then walk a mile in the cold and blowing snow then call it elk hunting.
If you are a 50 caliber BMG hunter or other long range shooter this hunt is for you. If you are a shorter range shooter it is not uncommon to have a shot under 200 yards. You are in their wintering area and the elk herds come and go all day long feeding and bedding around you.
The shooting houses are custom built with ¾ to a mile apart on a little over 1000 acres. The is a bunk bed King size and queen size on the ground floor with linoleum floors and well insulated walls. There is a dining table and a hot plate on the counter to make everything comfortable. There is 12 volt lighting which is very adequate at night.
You can cook on a Coleman stove or the equivalent but it must be used outside of the shooting house because of insurance requirements.
Usually every evening there is a run to town to take in the days elk for processing. You can go in with the group and eat dinner or stay in the shooting houses and have your own dinner. Many bring sandwiches for lunch and have cereal for breakfast.
The upstairs has a table to sit around with your coffee and binoculars to be ready for the herds coming through. The Floor is carpeted for a sound suppressor and comfort in your bare feet or slippers if you wish. If you are a long range shooter this is a slice of heaven since elk are twice the size of deer a 500 yard shot is like shooting at a 250 yard deer. Bring 2 boxes of shells just in case you are a little off on you range estimate.
Elk don’t bounce like mule deer when they run so a running flat target of an elk is much easier than a running mule deer. This is an area that has a year around local herd of elk, deer and antelope. A the seasons change the fertile sage brush ground are the wintering grounds of thousands of deer and elk coming down from the safety of the high country in preparation for the winter snows.
If you get tired of the one location there are high places on 4000 acres of landlocked BLM that the guide will show you that you can stay in your truck and wait for them to pass or take a lounge chair to sit on the edge of the bluff a watch them come down the corridor. You can walk it for deer, elk or antelope.
Hunting on this special BLM land requires a non-Private land or the regular license. If you get a “PLO” private Land Only license you can only hunt on the 1000 acres that the shooting houses are located on which is private land. When you shoot an elk contact the outfitter and he will bring a tractor with a front loader and pick up your elk, then take it to the game pole to allow you to skin and bag or whatever you want to do with it.
This hunt is semi-guided as we see that you don’t need a guide to sit with you in the shooting houses, similar to a guided hunt in the east, but they call theirs guided, in the west we call it semi-guided. On the BLM land we can’t directly guide you like we can on the private land.
The herds will come through anytime of the day or night. You may find that when you wake up in the morning the elk have beaded around your shooting house to use the shooting house as a wind break and the 30 foot sidewalk as a warm piece of rock to lie on and it even melts the snow before anywhere else is melted. This is, wake up quiet and look before you leap.
The land has deep draws and small canyons with high and low sage depending on the water sources that the ground topo provides. In addition it has some cedars that are always a good bet. Since this is a wintering area and not a migration through area the elk bed, eat and travel at will all around you in the houses and in the deep cuts but with a little snow brown shows up very well on white. In addition you can track elk with binoculars a mile away. They trail one in front of the other. When a fresh snow falls their travels take all of the snow off the sage bushes that they pass through. This leaves a greenish/gray line where the snow has been knocked off the sage across the hill that can be seen for miles with binoculars.
For the most part, this time of the year they are looking for thermo-cover instead of hidden cover like they do early in the seasons. It is completely natural to see them all laid out in sage 1 foot tall like a bunch of cattle. One reason is that elk need chlorophyll /Vitamin K and D but mostly Vitamin C, it makes them more resilient to pneumonia. In the summer they get it from sunshine. In the winter they get it from aspen bark. If there are no aspen trees they get it from the weak radiant sunshine every time they can. The elk won’t bed in a hidden pocket. They are much more likely to spend hours bedding on a south slope with complete exposure to the sun… and eyes. They feel somewhat safe because they can see anything sneaking up on them from most directions. They are in a low energy burn mode this time of the year and are very conservative with their precious energy which tends to make them run less and bed more often.
If you can see them before they see you the odds are very god that an elk will go home with you weather they want to or not. With the water sources and food plots of multiple greenery of alfalfa, and types of clover.
The bull elk licenses for the 2nd and 3rd season all land are available over the counter in an unlimited quantity.
1st elk is early and the local elks have a lot of room to roam so we usually don’t hunt elk then and the deer or antelope seasons are usually until then. By the 2nd season the elk are beginning to migrate in and even more so the last 5 days of the 9 day season. The elk migration is beginning to show itself with the best time being the last 5 of the 9 day season. We usually get some weather in that put a little urgency in the elk migrate from the higher ground down to the wintering ground..
The archery and muzzleloader seasons will only find locals but for the deer and antelope hunters there are a lot of deer that stay in the area year around and you will have a total of over 5,000 acres to hunt They do take preference points to draw.
The antelope season being around October 1st is great hunt with antelope all around the private and land locked BLM. The antelope PLO require 1 point+ to draw a buck license and a doe about ½ a point.
The PLO license will only allow you to hunt on the 1080 acres of private land but there are always antelope on the private land. The BLM land license requires about 13 points to draw and is better deer property than antelope property. The Mule deer are 1 point as long as it is a Private land only license, for a 2nd season deer license and 7 for a 3rd season license. 4th Season deer licenses are a real luxury with the points required to draw are into the double digits at 12-14 points and only 25 vouchers available each year. The PLO licenses are easier to draw but only provide you with 1080 acres the BLM can’t be hunted on a Private Land only license which leave you 3000 acres of BLM off limits. The rut for the mule deer begins during 3rd season and is full swing during the 4th season dates.
The elk 4th season licenses are available with no points required if you apply for the Licenses before the March 31 deadline. As a rule everyone draws a license but if you don’t draw a bull elk license we will move you to 3rd season where you can buy a bull license over the counter and they are unlimited.
Keep in mind when you are hunting in the shooting houses you can shoot a bull elk, a cow elk and a buck Mule deer for no extra charge except of course you must have the license in your pocket for each animal before you shoot.
If you are interested in the deer or antelope Vouchers for obtaining licenses for deer and antelope we usually have some Antelope bucks and Mule deer bucks for each of the season which can be purchased separately first come first serve.
The Antelope Vouchers usually run about $ 1500, and provides access. The hunting is quite easy because there are scattered across the 4000 acres and you can hunt the public and the BLM. It is a semi-guided hunt in that you are given a map with the fence lines, noting where the antelope water and where they feed. It is usually a ½ day hunt with 100% success.
The shooting houses start having migrants show up during the second season. It is a great time to shoot a deer while hunting elk.
The 3rd and 4th season hunt is $5000 reduced down to $ 3495. The 2nd season the best hunting is the last 5 days of the season. If you have a group of 10 or we can total 10 this year it will be lowered from $3300 to only $ 1995. If you don’t have 10 people it will still be reduced down to $ 2495. The deer and most of the elk are locals at that time because the main migration has not arrived at this time unless we get some early snows to push them out of the mountains.
At times we do cow hunts on the property as long as no bull hunters are scheduled. Usually this is the November 20-31 cow only season. This hunt is only $ 1495 for the 3 day hunt. There is also a December Cow hunt but it takes a point to draw that license.
All hunts are semi-guided with lodging. Compare that to anywhere else and these prices will always come out ahead, the shooting houses are a beginning hunt, but remember if it is not a PLO license there is 4000 acres of land locked BLM that you can hunt as well. This is a great time to hunt deer at the same time as you are hunting elk.
2nd season success rate of 70% on bull elk, 9 day season hunting the last 5 days are the best
3rd season success rate of 80% on bull elk, 9 day season hunting the first and last 5 days
4th Season success rate of 95% on bull elk, 5 day season

Extra days $ 200 per hunter when available on the second and 3rd season.
You can shoot a bull elk on this hunt but shooting a cow or a buck deer is free as long as you have the license.
Two hunters to a shooting house is the norm unless you want a 3rd person in your shooting house with you. The 3rd person is discounted weather hunting or not.
4rd season 5 day hunt shoot Bull Elk, Cow elk and Mule Deer for $ 6000 reduced down to only $2995
There are no openings at this time the hunt is completely booked for this season at this time.
The Bull licenses are available in town, the cow licenses as leftovers and the Buck deer voucher from the landowner. You will need to have licenses for each animal that you shoot. The can be obtained by the April draw or leftover in August, or a landowner voucher. 4rd season Deer voucher run about $ 3000, if there are any available. There are some great deer available and shot from the shooting houses each year during this season.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3rd season 5 day hunt shoot Bull Elk, Cow elk and Mule Deer for $ 6000 reduced down to only $3495
The Bull licenses are available in town, the cow licenses as leftovers and the Buck deer voucher from the landowner. You will need to have licenses for each animal that you shoot. The can be obtained by the April draw or leftover in August, or a landowner voucher. 3rd season Deer voucher run about $ 1700, if there are any available. 3rd season Deer voucher run about $ 1700, if there are any available. There are some great deer available and shot from the shooting houses each year during this season.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2rd season 5 day hunt shoot Bull Elk, Cow elk and Mule Deer for $ 4000 reduced down to only $2995
In addition it has been dropped another $500 and if you have a group of 10 the prices will be lowered another $500, to only $ 1995 per hunter.
The Bull licenses are available in town, the cow licenses as leftovers and the Buck deer voucher from the landowner. You will need to have licenses for each animal that you shoot. The can be obtained by the April draw or leftover in August, or a landowner voucher. 2rd season Deer voucher run about $ 1500 if there are any available.
1st season, archery and muzzleloader elk are a little too early for the high numbers of migrants that migrate in later in the year. As for deer and antelope it is a different story because of the large local herds. This provides Archery and muzzleloader deer and antelope early then the 2nd season deer usually in mid-October.
These 5 day early hunts have lodging in the shooting houses but your hunt would be on about 5,000 acres.
5 day antelope hunt beginning around October 1st.
On this 5 day hunt you can shoot buck antelope and lodging is included. The landowner voucher, the access to the 1080 acres of private and the 4,000 acres of landlocked BLM are all open to you with a non-PLO license, $ 2500 reduced down to only $ 1195 each with lodging on a 3 day hunt. On the general antelope license only 2 vouchers are available and they include land access and lodging for only $ 1495
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Archery Season Go in on Sunday and come out on a Saturday (Break between 2 groups)
5 day hunt with 1 day (Saturday) in and 1 day (Sunday) out (season start 8/26)
Season Dates are as follows:
Sunday Saturday
1st week 08/26-09/02 Archery*
2st Week 09/03-09/09 Archery
3nd week 09/10-09/16 Muzzleloader/Archery
4th week 09/17-09/24 Archery*

• Note: Because season dates and the days of the week don’t align perfectly so the First week has a 1 day earlier and the last week has 1 extra day on the end.

1st Season 10/14--18
2nd Season 10/21-29
3rd Season 11/04-12
4th Season 11/15-19

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